1000 Miles In Twelve Days: Pro Cyclists On Tour.

With all due respect to Micheal Jordan, Ken Griffey Jr., Mario Lemieux, and the Iron Man Triathlon champ, the greatest athlete in the world is Miguel Indurain. He is a pro cyclist, and he has won the Tour De France five straight years. Called "the worlds cruelest sporting event", it lasts three weeks and over 2000 miles. Here in America, we have a yearly race called the Tour Dupont. Twelve days through various states, and over 1000 miles long. I got tired driving up some of the hills they rode. As a fan of the sport, and an avid rider, writing and shooting this book was pure fantasyland. I actually went riding with the eventual winner, Viatchislav Ekimov, a few days before the race started.

Published by Orchard Books, David Hautzig 1995.