Bridges To Change.

The fourth and final installment in the World Of My Own Series brought me to St. Helena Island, South Carolina. St. Helena is part of the Sea Islands, and the Sea Islands are home to the Gullah. Many residents speak Gullah, which is a blend of english and some West African languages. For years, St. Helena and other Sea Islands were isolated from the mainland. Thus, the Gullah were slower to be Americanized and many of their African traditions and languages survived. This was not an easy assignment because, quite frankly, many people down there don't trust white people. I can't say that I blame them, considering how white developers have raped their land and kicked them off for centuries. Yet after a while, I was playing basketball at the recreation center each evening and eating at a local restaurant called the Gullah House. Quite yummy. I enjoyed my stay there thoroughly, and I hope to return one day.

Published by Lodestar Books, David Hautzig and Kathy Krull, 1995.